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Message from the Board Chair and Superintendent




Our government released a plan for school re-entry on June 10.  The highlights of this plan include three possible scenarios.  These scenarios and how they may impact our school are outlined below.  Full documents are available on the school website (through the links) for those wishing to read further on the topic. Our School Board will be notified by government no later than August 1 of the scenario for re-entry for all Alberta schools.  This decision will be determined by the Alberta Medical Officer of Health based on the status of the pandemic and it may be subject to change if health conditions change.  Attention to health and safety will drive all school operations.  By working with our provincial health officials, our parents, staff and students, we hope to resume school instruction while being sensitive to limiting the possible spread of the Covid-19 virus. 


SCENARIO 1--  All students return to school with NEAR NORMAL conditions.  This will involve implementation of safeguards for hygiene, screening, school cleaning, physical distancing where possible, limitation of persons entering the school and changes to drop off and pick up arrangements.  Our before school and after school care programs will operate fully but children will be supervised in smaller cohorts. 


SCENARIO 2 --  A maximum of 15 students can attend in each classroom at one time.  This scenario will involve approximately half-time attendance at school by students.  If this scenario is mandated, Suzuki students would attend school on alternating full days.  We realize this will be very difficult for families.  More information on details will be supplied after August 1.


SCENARIO 3 --  This is the least desirable scenario and likely will only be implemented in the event of major outbreaks of the virus.  In this scenario all students would continue with at home/online learning programs.


Our school is preparing for all three scenarios and pending the government August 1 decision, we will communicate additional details to all parents. There will be changes to our music program as choir and playing wind instruments have special considerations and we will receive advisement from the Medical Officer of Health on the best way to proceed.   An assessment of our online/home program that began in March has been very positive and the school appreciates the extra time and effort parents have taken to continue both academic and music learning. 


Thank you for working with the school to deal with the pandemic in a reasonable way that supports staff and student health and safety.  Principal Spencer will include in each child’s report card (mailed to each home) additional information about preparing for school start up in September.


Government documents on school website for further information:  



Nicole Palmer                                       Dr. Lynne Paradis

Board Chair                                           Superintendent









Planning is underway to ready the school for our new Junior High program which will start in September. Upgrading the facility, readying the learning spaces, as well as purchase of furnishings and resources are a few of the things we have on the go.  We have a small class and are happy to accept new registrations.  If you know of people choosing a safe and caring school environment rich in academics and music, please direct them to the school principal.  We have opened the program to the public and beginning musicians are welcome.


Our school received confirmation today that we have been approved for up to $2,400,000.00 in funding to improve the school facility. This funding is a part of the government’s provincial economic stimulus funding package to provide improvements to facilities and increase employment opportunities.  Given that Suzuki Charter School is over sixty years old and in need of improvements this stimulus package is great news. Details on the improvement projects will be available in the near future. 


Last day of virtual/on line instruction this year is June 19.

Our virtual / online school instructional program is well underway and parent home support to assist students with the on-line format is most appreciated by school staff.  As challenges emerge our faculty is taking every effort to address concerns in this difficult pandemic time.  School administration are in daily discussions with the province and other school jurisdictions to discuss present and future scenarios in schools.  Although information can change daily a summary of some of the key issues as of today are as follows:

A) All Alberta schools will complete this school term using the virtual/on line programming.  The final day for virtual instruction for Suzuki Charter School will be June 19.  The last week of June will be scheduled for return of school materials, assessment and preparation for fall start up.

B) A Relaunch strategy for Alberta has been released by the government which outlines three possible scenarios for schools opening in September:  a) return to normal; b) attendance with protocols including social distancing and possible staggered attendance (schedules that limit the number of students in the school at one time), use of personal protective equipment and implementation of school hygiene practices,  possible changes to calendar and curriculum and all other emergent issues; c) continue with the virtual/online instruction presently in place.   Our school is planning for all three scenarios so we are prepared once a government announcement indicates the identified scenario for school openings.

There is considerable work to be done and decisions to be made by the provincial government to guide the relaunch strategies.  (See link to Alberta Government Relaunch Strategy Document.)

C) A specific document, referencing the opening of schools is not expected until the end of July.  As the province gradually opens up businesses the impact on the spread of the Covid-19 virus will be closely monitored.  Decisions will be made regarding school openings pending the status and control of the virus. Right now, parents, faculty, school administrations and the general public are being approached to identify concerns with all three of the school opening scenarios.  Health and safety of students, their families and faculty are paramount in the planning scenarios. Our education ministry is watching closely to determine what the impact of school openings in Quebec and parts of the USA is before making a decision about opening Alberta schools.  As the school is notified about decisions, these will be shared with all our families.


Our planning for September is moving forward with the assumption that all school academic, music and extra-curricular programs (including pre-school, after school and before school care) will proceed as in the past.  If conditions of the pandemic cause us to change these, we will address changes as new regulations and guidelines emerge.

I want to thank our parents for the support for the school during the pandemic.  Administration, Board and Faculty are pleased with how the school has moved forward in such a difficult time.  It has become evident that being a small school with relatively small classroom sizes has many benefits in making plans for the best education possible in a pandemic.  Your feedback and support have been most helpful.

If you have questions please contact the school and speak to the Principal or be directed to either Nicole or me.  We do not have students on site but administration and support staff are busy working on site – respecting social distancing! 

Mrs.  Nicole Palmer, Board Chair

Dr. Lynne Paradis, Superintendent

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