Research-Informed Practise

Research Informed Practice at Suzuki Charter School

Student learning is strongly impacted through thoughtful implementation of research-informed practises. As we delve into program or conceptual specifics we look at potential alignment with the Suzuki Approach, selecting practises that have demonstrable results in the areas of (1) empowering student mastery, (2) providing a nurturing environment, and (3) building strong home/school partnerships. If there is not strong alignment or potential to better reflect the Suzuki Approach, we do not consider further implementation. Within the area of empowering student mastery, the Empower program, Jolly Phonics, Accelerative Integrated Method for French language learning, Teaching Games for Understanding, 6+1 Writing Traits and many other research-informed practises have been selected because of the strong alignment. Many initiatives we have piloted support a nurturing environment such as the Bucket Filler program, Leader in Me based on Steven Covey’s 7 Habits and many administrative procedural revisions based on exploring best practices informed by current research within the broader educational community. Using Joyce Epstein’s work with School, Family and Community Partnerships as a guide, thoughtful work within our community continues to support strong partnerships to support student learning.