What is a Charter School?

The Association of Alberta Public Charter Schools has released the following informative video to advocate for the excellent work charter schools do within the province of Alberta, and to clarify misconceptions people have about charter schools.  Please click on the links to access these engaging and informative video clips.


Alberta Public Charter Schools

K-7 Registration

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Suzuki Charter School is a public school committed to Academic, Personal, and Musical Excellence. Our students follow the Alberta Curriculum while also partaking in the unique opportunity to play orchestral instruments as part of their education. 

As an open-boundary school, we welcome students from all over the Greater Edmonton Regional District.

Registration for the 2019-2020 School Year is now closed. We are accepting  Preschool, Kindergarten and Grade 1-7 Lottery Submission Forms for the 2020/21 School Year. Please note that due amendments to the School Act, if you wish to register your child for Kindergarten in the 2020/21 school year, your child needs to be 5 or turning 5 by December 31, 2020.

Lottery Submission Forms can be found here. Please print off the appropriate form, complete and scan and email to leflarl@suzukischool.ca, fax to 780.463.8630 or drop by the school office between 8 am and 4 pm Monday to Friday. 

For more information about registration, please contact our School Secretary, Lisa Leflar, at 780.468.2598.


The first round of the lottery begins the day after our Open House. In the event of available spaces, all student names received for each grade are randomly selected for registration. Following selection, parents are contacted by phone to let them know their child's name was drawn and that they need to attend our Registration Day to complete registration. The lottery process continues anytime space becomes available (if a student withdraws enrollment or a lottery winner declines a space) until the end of September.  Please note: If you have more than one child in the lottery, we cannot guarantee that spaces will be available in each grade; siblings are registered only if spaces are available. In the event that your older child is registered and you have younger children not yet old enough to attend school, they will be grandfathered in and registered the year they are eligible. We do not transfer students in mid-year (after September 30th) even if spaces become available due to the structure of our programming. 

In the event that your child's name was not drawn in the lottery for the upcoming school year, you are welcome to add your child's name to the lottery for the following year.


Suzuki Charter School is a public elementary school nestled in the beautiful Capilano neighbourhood. As an open-boundary school, we welcome students in Preschool and from Kindergarten to Grade Six from all over the greater Edmonton area. At Suzuki Charter School we believe that "every child can" and therefore there are no tests or auditions required for entrance to our program. 

Our registration process begins in January as we complete our priority registration with our returning students, any of their younger siblings, staff members' children, and, if spaces allow, alumni children or students who live in the Suzuki Community Boundary. Once this has been completed, we calculate how many spaces are available in each grade for the upcoming school year. These spaces are then filled using a lottery process. To participate in this lottery process, parents are welcome to complete a Lottery Submission Form at any time throughout the year and scan to School Secretary, Lisa Leflar, at leflarl@suzukischool.ca or fax to 780.463.8630. These forms are held until the end of September of the applicable school year. 

Registration Requirements

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If your child's name is successfully drawn in the lottery, you are REQUIRED to attend Registration Day which includes: completion of registration information, parent orientation, an information session about our group music classes, a meeting with the Principal regarding student learning needs, and contact information for individual instrument lesson teachers.  Parents of all students entering Suzuki Charter School will need to provide/complete the following: 

  • Government issued identification proving legal name and age of your child (Canadian Birth Certificate, Passport, Landed Immigrant, Permanent Resident Card etc.)
  • Completed Registration form with student/parent demographic information
  • Attendance at Registration Day parent orientation workshop
  • Student Profile completed and given to Principal
  • Declaration of Understanding of Student/Parent Commitments completed and given to Principal
  • Proof of registration for individual music lessons with a Suzuki trained teacher - Please note: ALL students attending Suzuki Charter School are required to attend regular individual music lessons with a Suzuki trained teacher who utilizes the Suzuki Method and Suzuki repertoire. 
  • For students entering SCS in Grades 1 - 7, a copy of their most recent report card and a Request for Student Record Transfer form must also be provided

Open House

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We welcome interested families to join us for our annual Open House which takes place on the first Thursday of February each year. At our Open House, potential families have an opportunity to hear more details about our program, enjoy student and group performances, meet our administration, and participate in tours led by our enthusiastic student leaders. At this time, interested parents are also welcome to add their child's name to the lottery for the upcoming school year.