Junior High Information

Suzuki Charter School has expanding to offer a Junior High including Gr.7-9 and has expanded opportunities for Gr.6 students in a collegiate middle school atmosphere. 

Be a part of our dynamic middle school collegiate program. At Suzuki Charter School Middle School Students can: 

  • Build life-long friendships in a small collegiate atmosphere.
  • Connect with dynamic and encouraging teaching faculty to foster outstanding achievement.
  • Enrich your academic pursuits and discover the Suzuki tradition of excellence.
  • Perform at the Winspear, in festivals, competitions, and for the community.
  • Compose and arrange music inspired by musical mentors with outstanding results.
  • Imagine and experiment with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics including STEM, robotics, virtual reality, 3D printing, forensics and so much more.
  • Earn high school credits with coding courses and access your dedicated laptop.
  • Discover French and create cultural connections to prepare for a Quebec
  • Join a team to hone your basketball, volleyball, soccer, curling, or running skills.
  • Cultivate nutritious and delicious culinary masterpieces and express your inner chef.
  • Explore the artist in you with photography, painting, sculpting, film-making, musical theatre, and fashion.
  • Venture outdoors to hike, bike, climb, try archery, learn survival skills, and thrive. 
  • Collaborate directly with motivating community leaders and artists in residence.
  • Strengthen your leadership abilities within the K-9 community and beyond.

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