Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

“My heart brims over with a desire to help make all the children born upon this earth fine human beings, happy people, people of superior ability.  My whole life and energies [are] devoted to this end.  This is because of my discovery that every child, without exception, is born with this possibility.” – Shinichi Suzuki 

Reporting Information


  • 3-Year Education Plan includes plans to achieve our mandate goals and provincial goals including specific targets using current formal and informal research.  
  • Sets goals and targets for results.
  • Aligns with Alberta Education Goals within the 3-Year Education Plan , Suzuki Charter School Vision and Mission, Values Reflecting the Suzuki Approach, and Strategic Plans.
  • Reflects community consultation including Board members, school council members, staff members and feedback from students.


  • Annual Education Results Report analyzes how we achieved our goals and targets based on quantitative data including provincial achievement tests, and student academic achievement, and qualitative data including community surveys, and Assurance surveys.
  • Sets targets, analyzes how well we met our targets annually, and what factors were involved.

Change Agency and Consultation 

According to the dictionary, a change agent is someone who "alters human capability or organizational systems to achieve a higher degree of output or self-actualization." Evidence that our school creates a culture and atmosphere that fosters “change agency” is reflected in the culture of distributed leadership and number of successful research-informed initiatives that have been infused into our program to support student learning success.  We are an organization that continues to celebrate our current successes and at the same time consistently evolving the future vision with student success at its heart.  We are driven with a passion for continuous improvement and clearly articulate plans to achieve measurable goals.  We energetically strive to inspire this passion in others and encourage distributed leadership opportunities throughout the organization through embedding time to meet, sharing ideas and actioning plans.  Change agency at Suzuki is all about building capacity from within and supporting implementation with resources, time and aligned shared understanding.