Health and Safety

Health and Safety


All accidents and injuries are documented. When a child's condition warrants concern, parents are notified. In serious situations, an ambulance will be summoned to transport the child to an appropriate emergency facility.


Children who are too ill to go outside for recess are too ill to be at school.  This is especially true in the cases of severe colds, for children function below potential, provide a source of infection for other children, and would recuperate faster at home with rest.  In the case of a student becoming ill at school, parents are contacted and the child is sent home.


Parents must complete a Parent Permission to Administer Medication Form in order for staff to administer medication. This includes daily and occasional medication. Parents can request a form at the office. All medicine must be presented to the office in the original container. All medicine brought to school must be administered by office staff. Medicine is kept secure in the office. 

Emergent Reactions

Parents of students whose allergies could result in anaphylactic reactions, need to (1) send their children to school with a fanny pack or other storage so that students carry epi-pens on them at all times and (2) complete an Individual Emergency Action Plan. Parents of students whose diabetes could result in diabetic reactions, need to (1) send glucose monitoring device and strips, (2) extra snacks/juice and (3) complete an Individual Emergency Action Plan

Mental Health Services

  • Children, Youth and Families Intake Services at 780-342-2701
  • Children, Youth and Families Crisis Line at 780-427-4491
  • Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868 or  
  • Walk-In Clinics Monday to Friday from 12:30-4:00
  • Northgate Health Centre #2020, 9499-137 Ave, 780-342-2700
  • Rutherford Clinic #202, 11153 Ellerslie Road, 780-342-6850 

Food for Birthdays

If you want to bring something to give to the other students, do not bring food items.  Non-food items are fine, such as stickers, pencils, etc.  Requests to share food need to be approved in advance by the homeroom teacher.

Nut Allergies

We have students attending Suzuki Charter School who have LIFE - THREATENING ALLERGIC REACTIONS TO NUTS AND PEANUTS.  For the safety of all students at Suzuki Charter School, please make sure you are sending snacks that contain NO NUTS, PEANUTS OR NUT PRODUCTS.  Many products indicate, “May contain traces of nuts.” These products are fine to bring to school, as long as they do not list nuts, peanuts or any nut products as an actual ingredient.  Please read labels carefully; it is critically important. 

Animal Allergies

In addition, please refrain from bringing pets into the school.  Students and staff have pet allergies and the presence of animals in the school or classroom could compromise their health.


If ever we were in a situation requiring evacuation, the school has made arrangements with Hardisty School to safely shelter our students until parents are notified and able to pick up their children. 

Emergency Response 

Our first priority during an emergency is the safety of all our students and staff. In the event of an emergency, you will be contacted using our automated communication system.  Emergency drills are practiced throughout the year. 


Your child is asked to have two sets of footwear: one for outside wear and another for inside use.  Scuff proof athletic shoes are needed for gym.  Parents, kindly help your children remember to remove outside shoes and carry them to their designated boot rack to keep our hallways clean and dry. We ask you to set a good example.

Traffic Flow and Parking

For the safety of our children, please park school-side and use the marked and patrolled sidewalks to encourage good safety habits.  Please note that if everyone followed the traffic plan, students could be safely dropped off in the marked drop-off zone in front of the school and traffic would flow in a smooth loop: north on 50th street, west on 108A avenue, and south in front of the school.  Traffic could continue to flow smoothly south on 54 street or west on 106A avenue.  Please see the Traffic Flow and Parking Plan for further details.  An alternate drop off/pick-up location can be found on Capilano Street across from the West entrance.

Please note:

  • Cars are to be parked at least 1.5 meters away from driveways otherwise a fine of $50.00 could be given. 
  • The designated handicap-parking zone is for permit holders only.  Parking or stopping in the handicap zone when not authorized has a $150.00 fine. 

Personal Property

Suzuki Charter School is not responsible for personal property of students.  All supplies, instruments and cases, lunch kits, knapsacks, shoes, boots, and coats should be marked to identify lost articles.  Lost and found boxes are located in the school hallways.  Please check them periodically as unclaimed articles are given to charitable organizations when the boxes are full.

Student Use of Technology

At Suzuki Charter School, students have regular access to the computer network, directed and supervised by a teacher.  

No personal devices will be utilized to access the network unless directly requested and supervised by a classroom teacher.  Students bringing their personal devices to school, do so at their own risk and must leave all items in their locker/cubby for the duration of the school day.  Students should not be accessing the internet using the school network without direct teacher supervision.