Additional Resources to Support Student Learning


Parents may want to supplement student learning by providing their children with additional resources. The following provincial resources are available to parents:

  • – more than 4,000 digital resources aligned with Alberta’s K-12 curriculum including the Online Reference Centre.  Contact your child's teacher for school access codes.
  • My Child’s Learning: A Parent Resource - provides parents with information specific to each grade level

Many Alberta school authorities also have a variety of resources available to support parents and students in learning at home. Some examples include:

The Lieutenant Governor of Alberta is supporting 2 new education programs:

  • The SPIRIT of Victory public speaking contest offered through the History and Heroes foundation. The contest will accept videotaped submissions until April 8.
  • The Lieutenant Governor’s Alberta History Quiz Show. These videotaped quiz shows are designed for grades 3 to 6.


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Visit the K-2 Literacy website.

Daily 5 - Parent Resource to Support Children Reading at Home Stamina