Student Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct

Statement of Purpose

The Board recognizes the Alberta Human Rights Act (AHRA) which prohibits discrimination on the basis of an individual’s race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religious beliefs, gender (including pregnancy, gender expression, and gender identity), physical disability, mental disability, marital status, family status, source of income, or sexual orientation.  

Students are expected to contribute to the development of welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments, whether or not it occurs within the school building, during the school day or by electronic means. Students are further expected to respect diversity and refrain from demonstrating any form of discrimination as set out in the Alberta Human Rights Act, including gender expression and gender identity as set out in the Alberta Bill of Rights. Students are to foster a sense of belonging amongst all students. Discrimination on any of the prohibited grounds in section 4 of the AHRA is unacceptable behaviour.  Consequences of unacceptable behaviour will take into account the student’s age, maturity and individual circumstances, and ensure that support is provided for students who are impacted by inappropriate behaviour, as well as for students who engage in inappropriate behaviour.

The Board believes staff play a central role in creating environments which acknowledge and promote understanding, respect and recognition of the diversity of students and families within the school community. As students learn by example, all members of the school community are expected to model respectful conduct, inclusive behaviour and an understanding and appreciation of diversity.  The Board affirms the rights, as provided for in the Alberta Human Rights Act and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, of each staff member employed by the school authority, and each student enrolled in a school operated by the school authority; and furthermore, that staff members employed by the Board and students enrolled in a school operated by the Board will not be discriminated against as provided for in the Alberta Human Rights Act and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

For more information about Student Code of Conduct acceptable and unacceptable behaviours, and consequences and support, please click on the following link to the Administrative Procedures and refer to Administrative Procedure 306 – Student Code of Conduct.