Attendance & Dismissal

Attendance and Dismissal

Daily Attendance

Regular attendance is vital to student success, therefore we support consistent, daily attendance and discourage extended absences such as vacations, which interrupt your child’s academic school year and achievement.


It is important that students be at school on time for optimum academic achievement. Arriving late interrupts classes in progress and the optimal learning of all other students in the classroom. It is the parent’s responsibility to see that children attend school regularly and punctually. Announcements are at 8:25 am and student attendance will be taken at 8:30 am. Upon entering the school after 8:30 am, students will need to go to the office for a late slip before interrupting a class in session.  If your child is going to be absent or late, please phone the office before 8:15 am with this information or leave a message on our 24 hour voice mail. The school secretary contacts parents by telephone for unaccounted student absences. Please refer to the Student Attendance Expectations and Absence Reasons and Codes utilized by SCS and mandated by the School Act.

Extended Absences

Learning experiences at Suzuki Charter School are rich with inquiry, exploration, group discussion and interactivity; it is difficult, if not impossible, to duplicate this experience outside of the classroom.  As a result, we do not provide homework for extended absences nor can we assess work that may be completed during this time frame.  If you are going to be away, supporting literacy and numeracy activities would greatly benefit your child; a few suggestions you may wish to explore include: reviewing and extending math skills, using math websites, reading novels, and writing stories.


Vacations should be scheduled within school breaks as every day is filled with important learning experiences that teachers have thoughtfully planned and sequenced to maximize student learning.  When students are away for extended periods of time, this sequencing is interrupted and units of study are incomplete or missed altogether.  


Students are to dress for all types of weather.  In the event of extreme cold weather (-21 Celsius) or heavy rain, children will be supervised inside.

Lunch Supervision

The school operates a fee-for-service, supervised lunch program for K-9 students. To allow your child to sign out by him/herself, you will need to provide permission using the Student Dismissal Release Form.  Please remember that if you are taking your child out for lunch, whether home or just to have a picnic outside, or if your child has a music lesson during lunch you MUST sign your child out at the front office and sign them back in after lunch. This procedure is in place so that all supervisors and other staff know where your child is should an emergency situation arise. Please note that students should pack a thermos for warm meals as they do not have access to a microwave or hot water.  To maintain the health and safety of all students, we ask parents to remind their children that there is NO SHARING of lunches or drinks as many of our students have allergies and should only eat the food prepared for them at home. As well, germs can be passed from one person to another when food or drink bottles are shared.


Kindergarten and Grade 1-9 students are dismissed at 3:10 pm. Children are to stay with their teachers until a parent comes to pick them up.  Gr.1-6 students registered in Out of School Care will be escorted by their supervisor at dismissal.  Please make it clear to your child that they are to be supervised at all times in the school for safety, therefore, students are to be with a teacher, in Out of School Care or, if parents have provided permission, waiting outside for a ride or traveling home by themselves.  Students are not allowed to remain in the playground unsupervised after school.

Field Trips and Educational Activities

A variety of field trips and educational activities occur during the year to enhance the curriculum.  To provide extra supervision, you may be asked to volunteer under the guidance of your child’s teacher.  Only students who have parental permission on the appropriate form will be allowed to participate.  Parents picking their children up while on a field trip will be asked to sign a release form.  If a private music lesson occurs during a school field trip time, it is the parents’ responsibility to reschedule music lessons.  Students have a responsibility to maintain the highest standards of conduct wherever and whenever they are representing the school. A field trip or on-site educational activity is an extension of the classroom, all school and bus rules apply. Students are expected to treat parent supervisors with the same respect as they should afford staff. Inappropriate behaviour may result in a student being returned early to school to resume regular studies.

Dress For the Weather

In the winter, students are required to come to school dressed for the weather. Hats, mitts and appropriate footwear are essential. Adequate footwear must be worn at all times in the interest of hygiene and in case of emergency evacuation of the school. Students are required to have indoor and outdoor footwear. Outside shoes are placed on the boot racks in the entries. Non-marking, clean running shoes must be worn in the gym.