What is a Charter School?

What is a Charter School?


What are public charter schools?

The Association of Alberta Public Charter Schools released informative videos to advocate for the excellent work public charter schools do within the province of Alberta, and to clarify misconceptions people have.  Please click on the links to access these engaging and informative video clips.



A public charter school provides education in a unique or enhanced way to improve student learning.

  • Charter schools are publicly funded.
  • Each Charter School has a specific and unique focus as outlined in each Charter.
  • Charter Schools are approved, evaluated, and renewed by the Minister of Education.
  • Each Charter School must employ teachers who have received their certification from the Minister of Education.
  • Charter Schools are operated by non-profit societies with an appointed or elected board of directors.
  • Charter Schools offer curriculum approved by Alberta Education.
  • Charter Schools have no religious affiliation.

What do public charter schools offer?

Charter schools offer:

  • innovative and enhanced methods of instruction.
  • opportunities for meaningful parental involvement.
  • a safe, caring, and responsive learning environment.
  • active and effective leadership.
  • certificated and dedicated teachers.
  • dedication to excellence.

Who may attend a public charter school?

Charter schools cannot deny access to any child who meets the requirements of being a student as defined in the School Act providing it has the space and resources. 

What is the selection process for a public charter school?

If student enrollment exceeds the capacity of the program, the school will select students in accordance with a selection process established by the charter board. The selection process may set priorities in such matters as attendance areas, access for siblings, and the order in which applications were received.

Are public charter schools required to have school councils?

Yes.  Each charter school must establish a school council, as required by section 22 of the School Act.

Is a public charter board held accountable?

Yes.  A board is held accountable for the operation and results of the charter school just as other public boards are accountable. In addition, charter boards are accountable for demonstrating that implementation of the charter goals has resulted in improved student learning outcomes and growth.