Preschool Program

Suzuki Preschool provides children with a solid foundation in early literacy, music and French.  Following Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy of learning, Suzuki Preschool provides students with opportunities to develop and master skills through repetition and review. We create a stimulating environment, using carefully selected toys and activities to inspire students to build upon their interests, with plenty of opportunities to socialize and learn through play. Also, each month students explore new themes related to the environment and the world around them.

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Early Literacy at Suzuki Preschool

Early Literacy in preschool involves multisensory, actively engaging phonics introduction and review that teaches children the 42 main sounds in the English language. This structured approach to teaching phonics has demonstrated excellent results.

Click here to see Early Literacy in action at Suzuki Preschool.

French Program

Students at Suzuki Preschool start to learn French during their first week of school.  The students learn to communicate through the use of gestures, songs, and games.  Students are expected to communicate only in French for the length of the class (which at the beginning is very short), hence creating an immersion-type experience for them.  The children experience success as words and phrases that are introduced are supported by gestures.  Positive feedback and encouragement is an essential component learning a language. 

Click here to see French in action at Suzuki.