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Silent Auction

Thank you to our families, friends, partners, and local businesses who donated to our Silent Auction. Your contributions support fundraising priorities: educational resources, technology expansion, special events and the SCSS Bursary program. Your ongoing support and commitment allows  us to succeed in the present and dream for the future.

Acoustic Music Shop

Anderson family

Andressen family

Arndt family

Atelier Hair

A&W (Capilano)

Ben’s Meats (Gluten Free Deli)

Blue Java Cafe

Boland family

Cob’s Bakery

Dana Bradley

Todd Bradley – Royal LePage

Callow family

Cameron family

Cardinal/Gill family

Codega Mind and Body Wellness

Compri family

Crimson Imports

Cunningham family

Doroshenko family

Dacyk-Kouznetsov family

Dairy Queen (King Edward Park)

Dallas Pizza

de Jong family

Dickson family

Dissanayake family

Dong family

Doruiter family

Dreams Gymnastics Academy

Emeanuo family

Eyes on 34th




Fines family

Finley family

FitBody Boot Camp

Fisher family

Fizzi App

Getz family

Goodleaf family

Gouveia family

Gruzin/Shaw Family

Mrs. Grant and family

Hanssen family

Higginson family

Howrish family

H&W Produce (Capilano)

Hunter family

Jespersen family

King family

Komm family

William Komm

Larsen family

Leflar family

Leons (North)

Lewington family

Little Strand Salon

Bernadette Loiseau

Luchkow/Sundac family

Lushney family

Maan family

Marriott family

Mary Kay - Natasha Eadie

Matwiv family

Melissa Majeau




Moore family

Morrison family

Olsen family

Orange Theory (Manning)

Over the Rainbow Pediatric Services

Parker family

Piano Centre

PKO Foundation

Plummer family

Polzin family

Rexall Drugs (Capilano)

Rickett family

Ricky’s Lawn Service

Savage family

Sawmill (Capilano)

Scade Photography

Sherlock Holmes Hospitality Group

Shoppers Drug Mart (Bonnie Doon)

Smitke family

So family

Sokha family

Somerville family

Springer family

Starbucks Terrace Rd.

Thanh Thanh Restaurant

The Bay Kingsway

van ter Meij family

Vestate Canada

Vincent Taylor Salon

Vuong family

Wei family

Williams family

Yoga Within



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