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SCS Jr High Accepting Registration for Grade 7

With our expansion to a K-9 school, we are extending the benefits of the Suzuki approach that have been the foundation of our K-6 school. Beginning with Grade 7 in the 2019-2020 school year, we are including specialized programs that are specifically designed for adolescent learners who want to enjoy quality education with innovative junior high programming, which includes the priorities of music education and academic excellence. 

Please click on the link to see our Junior High Look Book

  • Innovative Programming
  • Challenging Academics
  • Enriching Music
  • Interactive French
  • Impactful Leadership
  • Dynamic Option Streams
  • Student Focused Extracurricular

Academic, Musical, Leadership Excellence.

Come alive and JOIN THE PRIDE - NOW ACCEPTING REGISTRATION FOR GRADE 7. Contact Karen Spencer for information or Lisa Leflar to register now. 

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